Our Vision

We embrace the knowing that within each one of us is the innate power to heal and the plants are our greatest ally. They are our teachers for learning how to care, nurture and restore our wholeness. We see a world where health and well-being is the norm for all our relations, as we have restored our conscious unity with all life, living in balance, harmony and peace.

“Artisans have explored nature and its properties in order to learn to imitate her in all things, and to bring out the highest that is in her. Only in medicine has this been neglected, and therefore it has remained the crudest and clumsiest of all the arts.”

 -Paracelsus, in Medical Aromatherapy, Healing with EssentialOils by Kurt Schnaubelt

The intention of Ho’Ola is to empower you with simple, ancient, time honored knowledge about how you can take care of yourself. We wish to lead you back to the simple things you can do to restore health, promote resilience and well-being for a happy and fulfilled life. We wish to give you the ability to apply the safe, yet effective use of essential oils for the minor ailments we all encounter in life. It is said that as much as 80% of the reasons people go to doctors willself-abate  without medical interventions.

The mission of our western health care system is to relieve the symptoms associated with illness. Though an ideal goal, its method is suppression rather than expression. The drugs mask the symptom without treating the underlying cause, whether it be an unhealthy life styles, mental and emotional distress or a toxic environment.

Essential oils are complex offering a vast array of chemical constituents with therapeutic qualities. Some of these are: analgesic, adaptogens, anti-convulsive, depressive, aide in digestion, microbial, spasmodic, antiseptic, carminative, deodorant, diuretic, hypotensive, insecticidal, nervine, parasitical, sedative, stimulate, relaxant, and overall tonics for the body organ systems.

You can enhance the effectiveness by being conscious of your intended use of the oil. If it is to relieve stress  be mindful of this as you inhale or apply the oil.



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